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Voorwaarts General Education and Training School came into existence in 1959. The new school building was inaugurated in 1975. Due to the competent guidance of the staff, the school expanded and progressed to one of the leading schools in the Northern Free State. Initially an Afrikaans medium school, it became a parallel medium school in January 1996, catering for both Afrikaans and English speaking learners. Voorwaartscelebrates its 50th anniversary in 2009. Currently the school offers only English Home Language.


All people involved in Voorwaarts General Education and Training School commit themselves to maintain and to improve the success of all academic, sport and cultural events. We shall strive to maintain our school’s excellence as an academic institution and its role as a leading educational institution in the Northern Free State to the glory of God.


* No applicant more than two years older than the accepted average age for the particular grade in question, will be admitted to the school. First time applicants will be required to produce an original ID document or birth certificate together with a reliable scholastic report from the previous school.
* Applicants must be fully proficient in English.
* A code of conduct must be signed by both the applicant and his/her parents.
* Parents must undertake to pay the compulsory school fees on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  Parents must also accept full responsibility for any damages caused to school property by a learner.
* Prospective learners should not have a record of political activism that resulted in disruption of school activities in their previous school.
* Appropriate transport to and from the school will be the responsibility of the parents.
* Applications from a prospective learner who is at present or was in the past connected to the school by way of brothers/sisters will be given priority.
* Any learner participating in any stay-away action/s and disruptive behaviour in class relating to school activities, will, at the discretion of the principal and School Governing Body, forfeit his/her admission privilege and may be barred from further attendance of the school.